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We launched a new Living Enhancement Program to provide funds for poultry raising, which helps this family-based Children’s Home to generate more income to support six girls at the Home.

In November, we established the Learning Centre to provide basic reading and writing skills training to children and adults who lack proper education.

We are grateful for our sponsor’s support that enabled us to purchase a house to function as the Children’s Home. Now we can stablize the orphanage to receive orphans and educate them.

Good news! Both the boys and girls in our orphanages are now able to go to school! We found a new home for the boys so they can just walk to school. All the boys were so excited, and they treasure this opportunity for education. We have made construction plans for different building projects including separate homes for boys and girls. However, the building cost is very high, and the rapid inflation rate is adding on the cost daily. We hope to raise sufficient funds so we can start the projects and bless the orphans. Your contribution will make a difference! Please contact to find out how you can support us.
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In January 2014, Light and Love Home volunteer team visited DR Congo, a country that experienced 16 years of war. When we were planning our trip, the war was still going on, but it stopped right before we arrived.

The war had left DR Congo many problems to be resolved. The damage brought by years of war and political instability is by no means an easy task to repair. Light and Love Home hopes to work together with our affiliates to care for the needs of this country and set up long-term and effective services.

We plan to build a Light and Love Village, in which comprises a children’s home, a school, a church meeting hall, a community recreation center, and a residential hall. We also plan to introduce projects of farming and solar power generation.

October 2014 - Light and Love Home volunteer team is at the site and is reconsidering the whole construction project according to the current situation.

January 2014 - Land purchased

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